Instructional Design Services by Jay Silber



Jay Silber’s Instructional Designs follow the ADDIE methodology whenever practical. The following are a list of customers and their training projects designed, written, or produced by Jay Silber.


In 2014, Jay Silber, working under contract to Aramark, Inc. (via Aptara), designed, wrote and produced training programs introducing CRM to company employees throughout North America. These programs included ILT courses, and eLearning programs developed in Captivate. The highlight of the effort was the mobile eLearning program teaching Aramark Service Technicians how to use their new daily workload management App on their new iPads. The eLearning program ran on the iPad with a separate version in the company’s LMS. This program utilized Captivate variables and code to create color coded menu structures indicating learner progress through the program. All eLearning programs produced under this contract were narrated by Jay Silber.

In addition, in a separate project, Jay Silber designed and implemented a series of WebEx Training Center courses supporting best practices in financial management at Aramark Market Centers throughout North America.


Morgan Stanley – Branch Workflow Training.  This advanced Adobe Presenter series of learning programs teaches Morgan Stanley branch employees how to process and approve client transaction requests. It demonstrates the step-by-step processes the several branch roles must follow to perform their role appropriate tasks in Morgan Stanley’s proprietary Branch Workflow software. JSVOAV was contracted by its customer, Performance Development Group, to work on this complex Morgan Stanley project.


Diageo – SAP APO Demand Planning. This international beverage distributor is known the world over for  products such as Guiness, J&B, Smirnoff and dozens more. Diageo uses SAP’s Advanced Planning and  Optimization software to accurately determine product demand and therefore maximize profits. Jay Silber’s 12 years of training development experience at SAP allowed him to quickly ramp up on Diageo processes, and develop eLearning materials teaching demand planners how to use SAP APO software to the company’s greatest advantage. The four modules written by Jay Silber were released by JSVOAV’s customer, Interactive Services, as a Flash based program with Captivates demonstrating key processes.


GE Health Care – Centricity Cardio Enterprise Sales Force Training. GE’ s Health Care division had a problem – an immediate need to quickly train its sales force and 3rd party sales reps on the powerful Cardiology enterprise software system called Centricity Cardio Enterprise. JSVOAV’s customer, Cine Learning Productions, contracted us to create the learning materials from web based marketing content and to record and produce the completed, edited voice over narration.


Adobe Systems, Inc. – Introduce Adobe Connect. When Adobe introduced radical changes to its popular Webinar/Training delivery system, Adobe Connect, they turned to Jay Silber to write and help produce 27 eLearning programs. Under contract to Brookwood Media Arts, JSVOAV captured all key Adobe Connect processes in Captivate and wrote all 27 eLearning scripts as the primary training tool on the Adobe TV Channel (YouTube) simultaneous to the product roll out. In addition, Jay Silber wrote the 148 page WebEx to Adobe Connect transition manual accompanying the training roll out. Jay Silber has produced or hosted more than 600 Adobe Connect and WebEx live training events and is considered an expert in designing synchronous online learning.